Oasis in Desert: Jericoacoara is a small village located at Ceara coast, in the Northeast of Brazil. According to Washington Post newspaper, Jericoacoara is a top ten wonderful beach in the world. The village is an oasis between the sea and the dunes. The main attractions are: the Rock with a Hole, the Sunset Dune, buggy trips to Blue Lake and Tatajuba Beach. The night life is intense, with restaurants and snack bars for every taste. The strong wind from September to December with hot and sunny days makes Jericoacoara the perfect place for windsurf and kitesurf. The Rock with a Hole is located at the north side of the Serrote rocky hill. The walk from the village to the Rock with a Hole takes around forty minutes. During the low tide there is a way coasting the hill. The other way is crossing the Serrote, where you get a panoramic view of the village, the dunes and the beaches. At the top of Serrote there is a small lighthouse. Take with you a hat and sun block because there are no trees and shadow during the walk. In the late afternoon, people go to the Sunset Dune to watch another end of the day. Jericoacoara is located at the northest Ceara coast, the way it is one of the few places in Brazil where it is possible to watch the sunset on the sea. The Sunset Dune is right near the village, and what makes it different is it is alone, far from other dunes. At the top of Sunset Dune you get a panoramic view of the village, the dunes and the beach. The Jericoacoara village has only sandy streets. Walk by the streets is to forget there is a world out there. There are three streets with most of inns, restaurants and snack bars: the Principal Street, the Forro Street and the Sao Francisco Street. There is a small health centre and only one drugstore. In the village you can get buggy trips to Blue (Jijoca) Lake, to Tatajuba Beach and even trips by horse. The trips take around one day. There are paid windsurf classes, take a look at windsurf rent stores. Local travel agencies sell special tickets to Fortaleza and to Lençois Maranhenses. The access to Jericoacoara is only by off road cars. There are daily buses between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara (Redençao bus company), that go by Fortaleza bus station and airport. From Fortaleza to Jijoca it is a road bus, and from Jijoca to Jericoacoara it is an off road truck. That takes around six hours.






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