Morro de Sao Paulo


Morro de Sao Paulo


Emerald Pools : Morro de Sao Paulo is a small village located at Bahia south Emerald Pools: Morro de Sao Paulo is a small village located at Bahia south coast, in the Northeast of Brazil. The village is located in the Tinhare Island, accessed by boat. During the summer, Morro de Sao Paulo welcomes a large amount of tourists. In the low tide the water becomes calm and clear with emerald color. Its main attractions are the beaches, the panoramic view from the hill and boat trips around the island. The night life is intense, with restaurants and snack bars for every taste. The clear water makes Morro de Sao Paulo a good place for diving. The First Beach is right near the village, with a bit strong waves. This is an urban beach, with some houses and snack kiosks. The Second Beach is right after, with a lot of snack bars, restaurants and people playing on the beach. This beach is good for kids and very near the village. The night life is strong in the snack bars. The Third Beach has many inns and some diving rent stores. The Fourth Beach is the largest, almost no urban structure, with cleanest waters. Along the beaches, mostly the Fourth Beach, there are a lot of coconut palms. After the Fourth Beach there is a mangrove swamp. The Morro de Sao Paulo village has narrow streets, with no cars. The Portuguese colonization can be seen by the slopes and the Fort, where is located the Fort's Beach. Because of no cars and a lot of slopes there are "taxi services", expensive services to carry luggage by boys with wheel barrow. In the village you can get around the island tours, going to Guarapua, Boipeba and other places. The night life is very intense, bringing people from far places. Morro de Sao Paulo has a beautiful panoramic view of First Beach and of Fort's Beach. The access is by a track from the village and takes around fifteen minutes. In the top of the hill there is a lighthouse. There are other tracks, some going to Gamboa village. The trees by the tracks are amazing. The access to Morro de Sao Paulo is by boat, fast boat, and catamaran, by the port. There are several daily boats and fast boats between Morro de Sao Paulo and Valença. By boat it takes around one hour and a half. By fast boat it takes around half an hour. From Valença there are daily buses to Salvador, Bom Despacho (ferry boat port that cross Baia de Todos os Santos in Salvador), Camamu and Ilheus. Ask about buying tickets in travel agencies at the village. Between Morro de Sao Paulo and Salvador there is another option going by daily catamarans (Salvador tourist port, near Mercado Modelo). The catamaran goes by open sea, what makes some tourists sick. Who wants to spend more than one day in Boipeba, there are off road cars from the village, and cross by boat the Inferno River.






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