Cliffs and Dolphins: Praia da Pipa is a small village located at Natal coast, in the Northeast of Brazil. Most of the coast from Tibau do Sul until Praia da Pipa has beautiful cliffs. Dolphins can be seen at some beaches. Other attractions are the panoramic view from the cliffs and from the Chapadao, and boat trips and buggy trips. The night life is intense, with many restaurants and snack bars. Some beaches are good for surf. Praia da Pipa and Tibau do Sul have different types of beaches, some with strong waves or with natural pools, some urban and others desert. Most of the beaches have access from the main road. The beach Tibau do Sul has some cliffs and a hill of coconut palms. The Cacimbinhas and Madeiro beaches have high cliffs, with stairs to reach the road, and some dunes. The Praia da Pipa and Dolphins Bay beaches are surrounded by cliffs with green, and dolphins can be seen sometimes. Near the village, in low tide, there are natural pools, good for kids and families to have fun. The Amores Beach has some natural stone sculptures. There are some dunes and a panoramic view of the village. The Chapadao is a cliff with no trees, only ground where you can walk. Near the Chapadao, in the low tide, there are natural pools with several rocks. You can walk beside the Chapadao to get panoramic views of the beach and the rocks. The access to Chapadao and farther beaches is only by ground streets. The night life in Praia da Pipa is very intense. On weekends tourists from Natal arrive at the village. In summer tourists from Brazil and the world arrives there. In the village you can get buggy trips and boat trips. The access to Praia da Pipa is by road from Goianhinha. There are several daily buses between Praia da Pipa and Natal (Oceanica Bus Company). There is no bus from Recife to Praia da Pipa, but you can get another bus at Goianhinha to Praia da Pipa. Check with travel agencies in the village about bus tickets from Goianhinha to Recife.






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